Fan Installation

                                    Did you know fans can save you money on your electric bill?                                       

The Department of Energy states setting your thermostat to 78 degrees, you can save a sizable amount.  

Every degree below 78 could cause up to a 7% increase in energy costs.

That translates to a nearly 30% reduction in the average homes energy cost!!!!

Ceiling Fan Installation

Fun Cooling Fact:

Ceiling fans that create a wind speed of about 5 mph, can make the area feel up to  5 degrees cooler than it actually is.


Attic Fan Installation

Did you know?

Attic fans can reduce the temperatures in  the home by 10 degrees


Exhaust Fan Installation

Upkeep Tip:

Cleaning the exhaust fan every 3-6 months will maintain its efficiency & improve the ambient air quality.