Panel Upgrades

Panel Replacements and Circuit Breakers

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When troubleshooting electrical issues throughout your home, the first place to look is the circuit breaker box. This is where electricity initially enters your home. The box contains circuit breakers for each of your electrical circuits. If a fault occurs or if the load on your circuit becomes too great, the breaker will “trip,” cutting off the current’s flow to that circuit.   

 If your electrical difficulties are indeed due to a damaged circuit breaker, that breaker is going to have to be replaced.

When does my Circuit Breaker

needs to be replaced?

Circuit breakers tend to last a long time, yet they can become worn out or even malfunction. Typically a replacement is needed when the  circuit breaker begins to trip often or won’t stay reset.


  • the breakers are hot to the touch

  • the breakers are putting off a burning smell

  • you notice black or burned material 

  • you notice exposed frayed wires.


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